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What is Tumbling?

Tumbling is a form of gymnastics performed without props or equipment. Common moves performed in tumbling include cartwheels, somersaults, handstands, handsprings and flips.

Our facility has plenty of fun equipment and qualified staff to teach many gymnastics skills.  We do not use traditional gymnastics trampolines, rings, or uneven bars.  We do use floor, 40' inflatable air track, tumbling shapes, spring floor, floor beams, single bar and more.  The goal of our tumbling program is to gain a specific set of floor tumbling skills, in a results-oriented, progressive system.

What is FLIP N Trick?

Flip is a program that was designed for our Parkour / Ninja Athletes to add flips, tricks, and general tumbling to their Parkour practice.  FLIP Fdn is meant for beginner to intermediate, and FLIP Adv is for those who can almost or already do front flips / back flips / side flips / handsprings.  Not sure where your childs level is?  Contact us for an assessment!

What is Tiny Cheernastics?

A fun introduction to the for little ones to age appropriate tumbling, cheer, and dance movement.

Strong focus on basic gymnastics plus fundamentals of cheer including balancing, simple dance moves, floor level stunts/acrobatics, and fun fun fun!

Parent Participation may be required in the beginning of course to assist young ones with transition.  However we encourage parents to allow coaches to take the lead for the ultimate goal of parents getting a break!

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