Update April 14: We are moving!

Dear Members,

First and foremost, I want to share that every day is a little bit better because of you! Thanks to each and every one of you. We are confident in the future of the Royal Family. We know this because - LOOK HOW FAR WE HAVE COME! Thank you for growing with us.

I am actively pa

rticipating with key stakeholders in the community as we support one another during the many implications of COVID-19. All Gyms face the same challenges no matter how big or small. And the good news is that the #royalfamily is in a very good position at this time. For this, we are so utterly grateful!

For athletes and their families, many questions remain unanswered. When can we come back? What will the season look like?

Believe me, these questions remain at the forefront of my thoughts as well. Rest assured that all local gym owners are discussing this regularly, and we hope to find answers as we know more about time projections for physical distancing and related.

We are grateful to be a part of a wonderful community in BC, and especially in Royal City. Although times are tough, we can still find joy and come together virtually. We continue to have some really fun plans in store! No matter what, we are in this with you in mind, first and foremost.

We know parkour /ninja / cheer / tumbling aren’t everything, but they sure mean a lot. So with that, let me tell you about some exciting news!

As you may know, the 100 Braid Street building has been planned for redevelopment. We ha

ve been seriously considering a move for some time, in fact, we had just looked into another space weeks before Spring Break. With the uncertainty of the length of time that COVID-19 forces closures of gyms, and projected redevelopment of the land, we know that the move to a new space couldn’t be delayed any further. We are feeling extremely lucky and want to assure you that we are in a good position! We remain without crippling debts associated with a move or COVID-19 (especially since we are not eligible for government mentioned business loans). We are the lucky ones! And so, we are moving!

It’s been an amazing journey and we are excited for the next step!

We started in October of 2015, in a small school gymnasium, rolling mats out daily, with just me, and a dream. With the help of a number of amazing people, just months later, we opened our first gym at 100 Braid in April 2016. With odd neighbours (sometimes in hazmat suits!), sharing a bathroom access

ed outside the building, a non-sprung very uneven floor, and hardly any equipment, OH wow what a difference 4 years has made! I’m glad we can look back and laugh now! We have grown together in this space since spring 2016, constantly improving from bearable, to now pretty great!

Humble Beginnings!

We know that now is the time to find a new location. We know that the heart of our organization is the people and our values and those all will be taken with us to any building.

And so our search begins for a new space to reopen once COVID-19 begins its descent. We are confident that our search will result in a great space that remains minutes from our current location, central, close to main highways and skytrain/transit, and a little shinier than our old gym! We love the convenience of our current location. And we will strive to find something great.

Plans remain virtually the same. We are excited to keep your kids engaged with each other and enjoying being active. We will not let up to help them stay fit and strong and enjoying their activities. We know that our programming is among the best, if not the best out there for your kids, and we are so proud of that! And we know that when the time comes, we will be ready to hit the floor with a new level of passion, sense of community, and appreciation for the little things like parkour / cheer / tumbling.

People around the world are facing difficulties - from life itself to economic challenges to mental health issues and beyond. We know that we are part of the solution. By keeping some level of consistency, with your kiddos simply taking a couple cheer classes a week, makes a very positive difference for them and you. Engaging with familiar faces, using their bodies and brains in a healthy way, we know we are making a difference and it is such a wonderful gift to be able to offer this in a time where we all can feel quite lost. We are so grateful.

We are offering all the virtual hugs in the world to you, and we know you are sending them back!

It is not over, we are not done, the walls just look a little different.

With love,

Nicole, Tiah, Pedro, Andrea, Sarah, Kara, Lonnel, Louisa, Gustav and all the rest of staff and Jr Coaches!

Summary of current known changes:

  • Online classes will continue as long as they are needed, in fact, we are considering extending them after gyms can reopen as they are so convenient for days when getting to the gym is too hard.

  • Equipment rental will continue as is for now and ideally moving forward. We are working with the property manager to rent part of our space as storage - stay tuned!

  • Refunds will be issued for summer multipasses, camps and birthdays at your request or as they are cancelled - and can also be applied as credits toward virtual training, custom swag, and equipment rentals.


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