COVID Protocol July 1

COVID Safety Protocol

Effective July 1, 2020

Return To Sport

(We have adapted the BC Sport Cheer Protocols. Anything recommended is considered mandatory in our facility. Our policies are more strict than required for indoor sport, however, we have had success with our practices and will continue to protect our members by taking recommendations very seriously.)


  1. Wear a clean mask (adults/spectators MUST wear masks at all times in our facility)

  2. Parents remain on site during Health Assessment and Attendance

  3. Leave personal belongings in car where possible

  4. Wear layers appropriate for temperature

  5. Sanitize hands at entry, exit, and after contact

  6. Wear CLEAN Indoor shoes only !

  7. Spray bottoms of shoes at entry. Remove outdoor shoes before entry

  8. Arrive at least 5 minutes early for drop off and pickup! Late pickups incur a charge.

  9. Stay home and get tested if participant or any household member has symptoms.


Have you, or someone in your household,

- experienced new COVID-19 symptoms in the past 14 days

- are waiting on test results

- advised by the Public Health Authority, BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool, or your family physician to self-isolate or quarantine in the last 14 days?

If you answered yes to any of the above do not go to the gym or participate in any in person training activity. Self-isolate and follow the instructions on BC Thrive

Due to process delays with the public health contact tracing, we ask that If a participant has contracted COVID, and the participant has been in our facility within 14 days of developing symptoms, please inform us immediately so we can take action to protect our members.


- Athletes of all ages can participate

- Athletes may attend their home club as long as they reside in BC

- No more than 40 people participating per 9 strip floor

- Limit spectators

CONTACT is permitted

- Wash or sanitize hands before and after contact activities

- Masks are required during building (cheer stunts / pyramids)

DISTANCE is no longer required to be maintained within practice.


- Athletes must wear a mask while entering and exiting the facility

- Minimal belongings to be brought into the gym

- Bring your own filled water bottle and do not share

- Clean your hands before and after training

- Arrive at your designated time

- Once registered with a program, training is limited to be within your home program

- Avoid touching your face

- Cover cough/sneeze

Return to Play after showing symptoms:

e.g. What if my child just has the sniffles?

Once any Covid symptoms arise, the child can not participate in any activity in the facility, and must do the self-assessment linked above to determine if COVID testing is required.

The athlete may return to play:

  • Once a negative COVID test is received and with zero symptoms, OR

  • After 14 days, with zero symptoms


  • Onsite registration not permitted!!!!

  • Attendance and health screening done upon entry or by survey

  • Anyone entering the gym must be pre-registered with up-to-date contact information in Amilia and must show up on the attendance list.


  • As always, come in appropriate practice wear (ready for fitness)

  • Wear clean, indoor only shoes (change in car or at door).


  • Hair of all lengths MUST be pulled carefully away from the face to reduce touching face

  • Bring a water bottle labeled. And make sure your athlete brings it home. Water refill station will remain CLOSED

  • Masks are required to enter and exit the facility and throughout class.

  • Mask use by parents dropping off is also required.

  • Spectators / Visitors must wear a mask

  • Gloves of any kind are not permitted

  • Stay home if anyone in household has or has been exposed to someone with symptoms of illness

  • Ensure emergency contact info is up to date in your account. Click member login on our website to check.


  • Arrive 5 minutes before class to line up.

  • Late pickups are NOT permitted! Arrive early to pick up your child.

  • Participants will be directed to sanitize hands and shoes upon entry and exit

  • Entry is at the FRONT of the building only. Please respect parking laws and signage. Do not use the back parking lots or neighbouring business lots.

  • Parents, please do not: view through the window, sit on window sills, congregate in or around our business or neighbouring businesses.


  • Once a participant has completed their health assessment, parents may leave

  • Only participants, staff, volunteers scheduled for that time are permitted inside unless scheduled spectator situation


  • Staff on site will follow sanitizing regulations.

  • Shoes sprayed with disinfectant upon entry and hands sanitized

  • Staff wear masks at all times unless eating / drinking or outside and distanced


  • In the event that a facility full closure is required, all regular classes will move to virtual programming and may include slight schedule changes. It is our intention to avoid any changes to the schedule wherever possible.

  • Cancelled Day Camps and single day workshops will be credited to accounts for future use.

  • Any programs that we can move to online in the event of a closure will be just so.

  • We understand that in these times, virtual alternatives are the best solution and thus remains our policy. We are happy to be able to offer continued activity to foster some level of normalcy for our members in the event of isolation/closure.


  • Once given the green light to reopen, some time (1 to 2 weeks) may be required to prepare for reopening with any updates or changes to previous protocols to ensure the safety of all members and staff.

  • All changes will always be communicated by email or Band to our members. Please ensure your contact info is up to date.

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