Expansion Project - LETS TAKE OVER!

Hello Families,

We have a great opportunity on our hands and we believe it takes a village so why not let everyone know!  This would be a dream come true.  Next to our warehouse is another space, about third of the size of ours.  It is empty, ready to lease, and has a bathroom!

We hope to raise enough money to take that space over, add a few passage ways from our space to it, and the launch all of the below dreamy ideas!

We could use your help!  We'ill be launching a handful of simple fundraisers to assist with this.

We hope you will jump on board because there is SO much in it for you!


  1. Our own bathroom!  Yes thats right, oh the luxuries!

  2. Parent lounge with camera view of your childs class!

  3. Concession / Coffee Station!

  4. Family Mini Gym!  Wouldn't it be great to get a quick workout in while your child is in class?  We think so!

  5. Party Room - a space to hold our Birthday parties - great income potential for our society.

  6. Small extra training area.  We know we are growing fast and we need to start sharing the space!  A great problem to have.

  7. ???? What else can we do ????  We are open to ideas to maximize the use of the space.



Now until Oct 15 - Party for the Parent Lounge

Host a super fun Charcoal Mask Party, all proceeds donated to the Expansion Project

(Thanks to Sarah Reece! Issy's mom from All Star Cheer Junior Regal)

Or just order online and quote ROYALCITY``



COMING SOON! Its easy and so good!

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