Welcome to our newest member of the family! 

Lonnel Hobbs

Coach - Parkour, FlipNTricks, Freerunning

Gustav Arinzol "Gus"

Coach - Parkour

Pedro Campello

Coach - Tumbling, All Star Cheer

Tiah Sampson

Coach - Rec, Prep, All Star

Andrea Echem

Coach - Prep, Novice

Kara Mason

Assistant Coach - All Star Cheer

Louisa Change

Coach - Parkour

Sarah Prosser

Cheer Coordinator

Danila Mourygin

Coach - Parkour

Hannah Milne

Jr Cheer Coach

Emily Milne

Jr Cheer Coach

Carys Prosser

Jr Cheer Coach

Antoine Nunez "Anto"

Parkour Advisor

Nicole Pasacreta

Owner / Director

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